The simple radio for people with Alzheimer’s

The Dinkerbop radio provides joy and a sense of independence to your loved one through an easy-to-use whimsical design. A cheerful display featuring minimal controls enables each user to bring the love and memories of music back into their life.

Dinkerbop Elderly Radio

It Can Be A Lonely Place

Millions of Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. As their mind deteriorates, a patient becomes frustrated and increasingly isolated. With the growing number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and with caregivers struggling to provide optimal quality of care, medication isn’t the only option.

The Answer: Introduce Music

It’s been proven that music lifts the spirit. The healing affects of music as a form of therapy have been well-studied and are backed by scientific research. By introducing music to an Alzheimer’s patient, you can help trigger lost memories of not only a song, but of a time and place in the past.

The Dinkerbop radio is a wonderful musical companion for your loved one. It allows the caregiver to pre-set up to three radio stations. A USB thumb drive can be inserted with a personalized playlist created by a family member or friend. it may be the patient’s favorite music or spoken word such as religious prayers or the voices of their grandchildren.

Five reasons why researchers believe music boosts brain activity

Memory Improvement

Music triggers memories. These memories can bring a patient out of the darkness.


Music brings warmth and comfort. It lifts the spirit.

Mood Adjustment

Introducing a song can manage stress and stimulate positive emotions. Sometimes a song is better than a pill.

Music Appreciation

The love of music is one of the last remaining memories and shouldn’t be neglected. Silence can be deafening.

Our Mission

“To enrich the lives of Alzheimer’s patients by providing them the opportunity and ability to bring the joy of music back into their lives.”

Dinkerbop is dedicated to supporting individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as those who care for them.

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